What Are the Different Types of Wedding Fireworks?

Wedding Fireworks

A wedding is a special event that ushers in a new phase in the lives of two people and their families. Many couples decide to throw lavish parties that are a true reflection of their own love stories and personalities to make this milestone genuinely unforgettable. Wedding fireworks are one such aspect that can give a wedding a little bit of majesty and charm.

Fireworks can enthral and mesmerise, transforming a typical wedding into a unique display. We will dig into the realm of wedding fireworks in this post and examine the numerous sorts that may transform the night sky into a piece of beauty filled with colour and light. Wedding fireworks UK create captivating displays that illuminate the celebration with dazzling bursts of colour and light, adding a touch of magic and excitement to the joyous occasion.

What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Fireworks?

Aerial Shell Fireworks:

Aerial shells fireworks are the pinnacle of splendour at any wedding event. These pyrotechnics are thrown into the sky at a great height before exploding into an incredible display of hues, forms, and patterns. They are a popular option for couples who want to add a little elegance and drama to their wedding because they are made to generate magnificent visual shows that can be synchronised with music.

A. Peony:

The peony firework is characterized by a spherical burst that creates a large and dense pattern of coloured stars. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, making it a classic choice for weddings.

B. Chrysanthemum:

Chrysanthemum fireworks burst in a spherical pattern like the peony, but with longer, trailing stars that create the appearance of a blooming chrysanthemum flower. The trailing sparks add a sense of movement to the display.

C. Willow:

The willow firework produces long trails of silver or gold stars that fall gracefully, resembling the branches of a willow tree swaying in the wind. It creates a cascading and mesmerizing effect.

Fountains and Gerbs

Fountains and gerbs are ground-based fireworks that emit showers of sparks and colours. They are excellent for adding a touch of magic to specific moments during the wedding, such as the couple’s entrance or exit.

A. Fountains:

Firework fountains emit sparks and colours in a vertical spray. They come in various sizes and can produce effects like crackling stars, glittering sparks, and coloured flames.

B. Gerbs:

Gerbs are similar to fountains but emit a more concentrated column of sparks and flames. They can be used to create dramatic visual effects, such as simulating a waterfall of sparks.

Roman Candles:

Roman candles are a unique type of firework that shoots out a series of coloured stars and effects. They can be incorporated into the wedding fireworks display to create dynamic patterns and sequences.

A. Single Shot Roman Candle:

This type of Roman candle shoots a single shot of coloured stars into the sky. It can be synchronized with music to create a rhythmic and visually captivating display.

B. Multi-Shot Roman Candle:

Multi-shot Roman candles fire several shots in rapid succession, producing a sequence of colourful explosions. These can be choreographed to create intricate patterns and visual stories in the night sky.

Barrages and Cakes:

Barrages and cakes are multi-shot fireworks that offer a diverse range of effects. They are popular for creating vibrant and dynamic displays that captivate the audience.

A. Barrages:

Barrages, also known as repeaters, are fireworks that fire a rapid sequence of shots into the sky. They can include various effects such as strobes, crackles, and comets, creating a multi-layered visual experience.

B. Cakes:

Firework cakes consist of multiple tubes bundled together. When ignited, they shoot a series of shots with different effects into the sky. Cakes can create stunning visual compositions, combining effects like peonies, strobes, and chrysanthemums.

Heart-Shaped Fireworks:

For a wedding that radiates romance, heart-shaped fireworks are a perfect choice. These fireworks add a personalized and emotional touch to the celebration.

A. Heart-Shaped Aerial Shells:

These are aerial shell fireworks that burst into heart shapes in the sky, creating a magical and love-filled atmosphere. They can be customized with the couple’s chosen colours for an even more personalized touch.

B. Heart-Shaped Sparklers:

Heart-shaped sparklers are handheld fireworks that guests can use to create dazzling shapes and patterns. They can be distributed during key moments of the wedding, such as the couple’s first dance.


Wedding fireworks are more than just dazzling displays of light and colour; they are expressions of love and joy that add a touch of enchantment to the celebration. From the grandeur of aerial shells to the intimate charm of heart-shaped sparklers, there is a type of wedding firework to suit every couple’s style and vision.

By carefully selecting and choreographing these fireworks, couples can create unforgettable memories that will be cherished by them and their guests for years to come. Whether it’s a classic peony, a dynamic barrage, or a heartwarming display, wedding fireworks have the power to transform a special day into an extraordinary one.

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