Boho home bedroom creating a cozy and eclectic atmosphere

The past several years have seen a rise in the popularity of the bohemian style, also known as boho home or boho chic. It also appears that this summer will see no change in the situation. People don’t want to see this unpretentious and understated design disappear since it makes life so much easier. But things are even better this year. Everything hinges on the colour!

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1. Dedicate a Gallery Wall:

In a boho home, a gallery wall is nothing less than a statement piece. It takes on a central role in the living area and stands out in fashionable ways. Choose a variety of your favourite pictures, prints, posters, mirrors, rugs, tapestries, wall hangings, woven baskets, macramé, and other items to fill the space. Try out different sizes, shapes, and colours; you can even skip the frame and stick certain items straight to the wall. You can show off your eclectic travel collection, miniature plants, and miniatures if you have shelves placed. In essence, everything works.

2. Make Colours Crazy:

Colour, vibrancy, and vitality all go hand in hand with bohemian fashion. The majority of decorators like natural, warm colours like beige, jade, and cerulean. Fortunately, they frequently combine such standard hues with an unexpected contrast, such as steel grey, intense mauve, and flamboyant orange, to mention a few. Additionally, metallic colours will occasionally make an appearance. Boho home fashions stand out because of the intricate visual pleasure that the colour play provides. Therefore, while the hues define the bohemian style meaning, let your creativity soar.

Vibrant orange living room showcasing a boho home style

3. Stock Up on Storytelling Accessories:

Bohemian design is the only one that can truly convey a tale. The bohemian area features a collection of trinkets from various places travelled that often have a story of where they originated from, reflecting a wandering existence. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, sofa set and lamps all contribute to the bohemian interior’s cosy, inviting, and conversation-starting atmosphere. What is the first step? Choose items with a range of colours and shapes. Bring boho home handmade items, family heirlooms, and travel diaries. We must not take this lightly. Fill every square inch of your boho home. 

4. Present Natural Materials:

Bohemian decor work very well with materials like rattan, wicker, pampas grass, rabbit tails, and bare wood. These materials are the perfect approach to decorating a boho home in a bohemian style while keeping the colour scheme neutral. Alternately, choose a jute rug to adorn your floor with natural jute and add elegance and intrigue.

5. Select Vibrant Jewel Tone Colours:

For boho home decor, a variety of colour palettes are suitable. Try using jewel tones with a Moroccan influence throughout your boho home house if you prefer vibrant themes. The best way to instantly add a splash of colour, texture, and pattern is with a tufted Moroccan rug. Consider painting a feature wall in a few of the hues from your rug to coordinate with the rest of your decor, adding vibrant pillows and accessories, and adding a few of the colours from your rug.

6. Use Lighting to Create Focus:

To achieve the desired boho home chic aesthetic, well-considered lighting is crucial in all interior design plans. Layering lighting is necessary to generate the mellow ambience that is the hallmark of bohemian design. Spotlights don’t work well with this design; instead, choose low-hanging pendants over important pieces of furniture with materials like rattan. Add numerous lamps to the room to give it a pleasant atmosphere. Moroccan lamps are perfect for this because they cast a fascinating pattern of low illumination all over the space.

7. Incorporate Bohemian Fashion with a Vintage Flair:

Contrasting old with modern is a quick approach to incorporating boho home design, in addition to blending styles. Bohemian style benefits from the soulful quality of vintage or gently used second-hand items. Their past and soul are present. When placed next to a contemporary object, each item stands out intriguingly.  A wide round mirror at the entrance may be adorned with a patterned kilim runner or a fringed throw could be spread across a sleek-lined sofa. It is important to remember that there is no requirement to match everything exactly; instead, a casual attitude is preferred.

Last Words on Boho Home:

Bohemian style has the appeal of being completely customizable. The focal point will be your lovely plant collection, which is the main draw, and your sense of style. You should feel more confident using these tips to embrace your crazy nature when it comes to decorating.