Being on the board of a HOA can be extremely problematic. Not only do you have to monitor the day-to-day tasks on behalf of the community but you will have to keep track of the finances and deal with the queries and complaints regularly. Trying to juggle such tasks daily can be extremely challenging for people engaged in other professions. One of the easiest solutions of HOAs is to appoint the HOA Property Management So Cal which comes with proper credentials and a proven track record. 

Sure, it is a third party. But you or the other board members do not have to reveal everything to the management company. It is prudent to take it slow and only share facts that are required. Rest assured such management companies are reputed for their honesty and attention to detail. You will be pleased to discover the range of tasks that you may shift to them slowly but surely. The outcome is sure to be appreciated by one and all while you get to make the best use of your time too. 

What the HOA Property Management So Cal can do?

There is no hard and fast rule about the type of assistance that the management company will provide. While you are free to ask for limited services, the community may go out of the way and request customized services as per the preference of the board. However, you may be assured of the following services once the HOA Management Company takes over: 


  • Execution of everyday financial tasks
  • Draw up a yearly budget based on the availability of funds
  • Maintain records
  • Provide suggestions 
  • Advise precautionary measures to prevent mishandling of funds

Enforcement of community policies

  • Promote the efficacy of property value preservation
  • Ensure the preservation of community aesthetics
  • Improvement of safety within the community
  • Resolution of disputes inside the community
  • Communicate the community regulations to all members without any exception

Vendor Management

  • Coordination of vendors
  • Negotiation of vendor contracts
  • Soliciting bids from multiple vendors before final selection on merit
  • Quality control
  • Cost management
  • Take on the role of the first point of contact
  • Dealing with compliance issues and legalities
  • Urgent response to emergencies

Risk Reduction

  • Regulation of safety hazards
  • Addressing all outstanding risks at the earliest
  • Communication with community members about the risks and potential dangers

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Providing Budgetary Assistance to the HOA 
  • Coordinating board meetings
  • Receiving incoming calls, voicemails, and emails
  • Creation and maintenance of HOA reports as and when needed
  • Cooperation with accounting or invoicing tasks if deemed necessary
  • Planning agendas 
  • Organizing events when required

You will not only find the services provided by the HOA Property Management So Cal advantageous for the above-mentioned points but effective use of technology by the professionals will enable you and the other board members to streamline the operations considerably. Contacting each member of the community will be made redundant once the management company uses social media platforms to keep everyone informed.