As the eagerly awaited Interim Budget 2024 approaches, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s indication of a straightforward budget sparks curiosity about potential changes in various sectors, including tax policies, skill development initiatives, and sector-specific allocations.

Tax Policies For Salaried Employees:

Expectations include reconsidering tax exemptions for the old tax regime in the lower bracket. Calls for simplifying the tax structure and boosting compliance are prevalent. Potential incentives for digital transactions and easing the tax burden on citizens are also being investigated. **

Skill Development For Business Owners:

Anticipated initiatives involve enhancing skill development programs and aligning them with industry requirements. Calls for increased investments in education infrastructure, technology, and research and development in educational institutions are part of sector-wide expectations.


With recent challenges, the focus is on strengthening the healthcare system. There are expectations for enhancements to 80D deductions for health insurance premiums and increased investments in healthcare infrastructure and facilities.


Anticipated allocations for major infrastructure projects aim to stimulate economic growth. Emphasis on sustainable and innovative city development and initiatives to improve transportation and connectivity are expected.


Continued support for farmers through agricultural schemes and investments in irrigation and water management projects are anticipated. Measures to enhance farm productivity and income for farmers are also expected.

Technology And Innovation:

Expectations include incentives for research and development in emerging technologies, support for startups and innovation hubs, and measures to boost digital connectivity and technology access in rural areas.

Environment And Sustainability:

Initiatives to promote renewable energy sources, incentives for eco-friendly practices in industries, and investments in environmental conservation and climate resilience projects are anticipated.

Manufacturing And Industry:

Anticipated policies involve attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in manufacturing, incentives for domestic industries to promote ‘Make in India,’ and measures to streamline regulatory processes and reduce compliance burdens.

Social Welfare:

Continued focus on social welfare programs, allocations for poverty alleviation, rural development, and initiatives addressing social inequalities are expected.

Historical Changes In Tax Slabs:

The historical backdrop reveals changes in tax slabs, with the latest budget introducing a New Tax Regime offering additional perks, creating a buzz among taxpayers. 

As Finance Minister Sitharaman hints at a straightforward budget, everyone enthusiastically awaits the details to understand the impact on their finances and the overall economy.

In the broader spectrum of expectations for the Interim Budget 2024, a nuanced focus on healthcare emerges, especially in online health insurance.

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As the public awaits the details of the interim budget, the interplay between financial prudence, sectoral growth, and individual well-being is poised to unfold in the upcoming budget presentation.

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