Levi’s iconic red loop 501 jeans have long been beloved favorites. Their classic back belt loop was originally designed to accommodate suspenders instead, becoming standard until 1940s.

Look for a top button containing an imprinted number which corresponds with that on the white care label in the waistband, and check for a Two Horse brand patch on leather.


Levi’s jeans have long been known for their exceptional quality and have become an industry standard. A staple for any wardrobe, these iconic denim pieces come with red loops to indicate they were manufactured in America; added in 1936 as an indicator, these red loops can usually be found on the back pocket of these garments.

Levi’s jeans are known for the iconic orange thread used to stitch arcuate seams on back pockets – this tradition dates back to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis who invented riveted rivets in 1873 and made this characteristic part of their legacy.

λιβαισ jeans is currently focused on introducing international fashion in jeanswear to India through its premium end market, and have experienced considerable success as demand increases for such clothing in India. Leveraging its global network and local retail channels to do this successfully.


Levi’s jeans are produced using denim made from cotton grown and harvested by people living in poverty who often labor under conditions resembling slavery.

Levi’s has revamped its factories and expanded production to India in an attempt to make their jeans more accessible while maintaining quality standards that earned the company its fame. Furthermore, they are targeting premium sectors of India’s denim market to up the pace at higher price points.

Levi’s Tailor Shop gives fans the power to customize their jeans or jackets by adding embroidery, paint or patches, virtual workshops to teach DIYers how to embellish, repair and repurpose favorite pair of jeans; Levi’s SecondHand platform also allows fans to purchase pre-owned garments in good condition that require only fraction of natural resources that a new garment would consume; as well as offering discounted second hand options with great deals and no minimum environmental footprint!


501 jeans come in an assortment of colors. Dark blue is most often chosen, although black denim and other hues of denim may also be found. While machine-washable, their manufacturer recommends washing every 10 wears to preserve quality and ensure optimal performance.

In 1967, Levi’s 501 jeans first hit stores as part of an increasing shift towards rebellion and youth culture. These jeans quickly became associated with rock and punk bands while the style quickly becoming fashionable among teenagers.

Assign a premium pair of Levi’s jeans made with selvedge denim by looking for its distinctive red selvedge label on the inside waistband. These premium pairs were produced on shuttle looms which produced distinct edge denim that has since become less and less popular due to modern projectile looms being capable of creating similar results more quickly, and by 1980 Levi’s switched production methods and made selvedge denim unavailable as standard jeans.


This brand offers an impressive variety of styles to meet every man’s taste and lifestyle, including regular (sanforized) denim jeans that are washed during manufacturing, or raw denim that remains dark and tougher without being washed; you can also find various ripped styles which show strain marks from wearing.

Levi’s India denim story focuses on premium denim offerings to drive growth, according to marketing director K Venkataramani. Their Red Loop fashion overtures priced at Rs 2,500-plus are growing quickly as are figure flattering women’s skinny jeans and rugged Trucker jackets from Levi’s. Additionally, there is a comprehensive collection of T-shirts, sweaters and head-to-toe looks available with accessories like hats and bags from this brand.