Making authentic Napolita pizza requires more than simply mixing ingredients – it also requires mastery of craft techniques perfected over generations.

Starting with premium type 00 flour, our process begins with careful kneading to produce dough that delivers both wood-fired flavor and handcrafted flair.

What is Napolita?

Authentic Napolita pizza represents more than just culinary style; it encapsulates an entire way of life in Naples dating back to the 18th century. As part of working-class culture in Naples, authentic Napolita pizza epitomizes resilience and creativity that characterize its people.

San Marzano tomatoes, known for their sweet yet low acidity profile, provide the foundation of our tomato sauce. Buffalo mozzarella made from water buffalo milk adds luxurious creaminess while Type 00 flour provides the final flourish by providing an unwavering crisp crust for any toppings to be added on top of.

Not content to just offer classic styles, we also specialize in specialty pizzas that push the limits of creativity. Each pie tells its own tale and delivers its own distinctive flavor profile.


Napolita is an Italian cuisine hailing from Naples, known for its robust flavors, use of fresh ingredients and informal style that brings the vibrant streets of Naples into each dish served – be it pizza and pasta to seafood and dessert. Although often appearing simple on appearance, these dishes pack an incredible flavor punch.

Napolita cuisine is inextricably tied to its cultural legacy and has earned Protected Designation of Origin status, legally acknowledging it adheres to high standards of authenticity. It is beloved across the globe and nourish both body and soul alike.


Napolita is more than an elegant Italian ice cream with an incredible history in Naples; it represents a culinary tradition that transcends simple indulgence into an expression of artistry and community spirit.

Napoli pizzas are made using only high-grade ingredients, handpicked and selected with care. This includes Type 00 flour milled to an ultra fine texture which helps the dough withstand the high heat of its wood-fired oven while still offering irresistibly chewy chewiness.

These pizzas feature mozzarella di bufala from water buffaloes, providing the creamy texture characteristic of Napolita. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil enhances flavor symphonies while paying tribute to traditional Neapolitan cooking; fresh basil rounds out this experience for an exquisite dining experience.


Begin a memorable culinary tour through Napolita’s delectable offerings. Discover artisanal street markets and stalls offering delectable snacks like arancini and sfogliatella that define Neapolitan cuisine.

At the core of this culinary style lies an unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, creating dishes using carefully selected ingredients and traditional techniques crafted by skilled artisans.

Napolita pizza’s unique taste can be traced back to its hallmark ingredient: San Marzano tomatoes from volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius provide vibrant, authentic flavor that pairs beautifully with mozzarella and hand-kneaded dough to form an orchestra of flavors in every bite – and its minimalist approach to toppings adds further depth and dimension.


Authentic Napolita pizza is more than a food – it is an expression of Neapolitan culture! Here at this pizzeria, you’ll be welcomed with warm smiles and appreciation of Naples’ rich heritage.

Attentiveness to each ingredient — from the flour used to make the dough to San Marzano tomatoes or mozzarella — as well as quick baking times in wood-burning ovens allows each pie its signature texture.

San Gennaro, considered to be a protector of Naples, holds special significance. On September 19 (Feast of San Gennaro), December 16 and the first Saturday in May miracles occur when his blood liquefies, signalling hope for Naples. This ritual has been observed by generations of locals.