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Generation Z (also referred to as Zoomers) is the demographic cohort which follows millennials and predates Gen Alpha. Businesses must recognize this population so that their marketing campaigns reach them efficiently.

What are the characteristics of a Zoomer?

Gen Zers are tech savvy, adaptable workers with different expectations in the workplace. They prize work-life balance, flexibility, growth opportunities and purposeful work as part of their definition of success.

ESG/D&EI topics are of great interest, and these consumers tend to favor brands that prioritize social responsibility. Influencers such as everyday influencers are more likely to dictate trends than celebrities; traditional media has less of an effect. Furthermore, this generation tends to be more accepting than their parents; supporting liberal social rights such as gay marriage, transgender equality and legal access abortion.

Active savers who prioritize retirement savings. Also renowned for their frugal ways, and not spending unnecessary funds. Furthermore, they possess an aversion to debt as well as being eager to learn about financial planning; furthermore they prefer upcycled products which save them money as well as being attracted by companies which embrace new technologies.

What are the buying habits of a Zoomer?

Generation Z consumers (also referred to as Zoomers) represent the demographic cohort following Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha. As pragmatic shoppers, Gen Z customers prioritize value, choice, and quality when shopping.

These consumers are highly informed and do extensive research before making purchasing decisions9. In addition, they expect authenticity from brands: for instance, 80% prefer ads featuring real people in relatable situations10.

Also, they actively engage in re-commerce – the practice of selling new or previously owned items on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon – through such as platforms as these.

Gen Z consumers tend to be brand-loyal and willing to spend more on products from their preferred brands; however, if they cannot get them at an acceptable price point they’re not afraid to switch brands if something becomes unavailable to them. That’s why it’s critical for eCommerce brands to offer fast and seamless experiences: most Gen Z shoppers won’t spend any more time browsing websites that load slowly or are difficult to use.

What are the traits of a Zoomer?

Generation Z (or Zoomers), also known as digital natives, takes some of the characteristics commonly associated with Millennials to an entirely different level. As digital natives they have always used technology.

Gen Z is socially aware and looking to make an impactful contribution to society. They use the Internet to share ideas and causes they care deeply about such as diversity, climate change, racial equality and gender equity.

Zoomers tend to have more mature relationships with their parents, viewing them more as partners in life than cheerleaders and friends.

This group prefers standing out from the crowd in their own unique ways, instead opting to find options that spark their personal passions – something which leads them to early specialize in everything from entrepreneurship to sports. Furthermore, these individuals tend to have less of an “music friend” or “tech friend”, instead preferring an entire network for each interest or passion they hold dear.