Are you keen on accessing the Linksys router login page, entering the admin login details, landing on the main dashboard, and making changes to the settings? Yes? What is stopping you? Is the Linksys router login password not working for you? Well, in that case, you ought to read the reasons that could have caused this issue.

  • You have not entered the right password on the login page.
  • Your browser is cache-filled or running on an outdated version.
  • The cable connection between the devices is weak.
  • Your client device is not connected to the network of the router.
  • Technical glitches can also cause the issue in discussion.

Now, you ought to walk through the solutions that have been highlighted in the upcoming sections and learn how you can resolve the password not working issue.

How to Fix Linksys Router Password Not Working Issue?

1.      Input the Password Once Again

The very first tip that can be implemented to resolve the Linksys router admin login password not working issue is to input the password again. Make sure that there are zero typing errors in the entrée. Also, it should not be entered into the username field. At last, cross-check the entrée before you select the Log In button. Now, check whether you are able to resolve the issue.

You ought to know that just because one tip failed to help you that does not means that the others will force you have the same goddamn fate.

2.      Update and Clean Web Browser

The second solution in our box of solutions is to update the browser running in the moment to its latest version. Along with this, ensure that you are using a cache-free browser. In case you want to learn how to execute both these tasks, go to the Settings or More Tools option. Once done, check again whether the Linksys router admin login password not working issue has been resolved.

3.      Check the Router-Modem Link

Considering this troubleshooting tip is being read by you, it means that the Linksys router admin login password not working issue is still troubling you. It could be because the connection between the router and the existing modem is not stable. To make it stable, you ought to ensure that the cable that is connecting them is damage-free. Along with this, see to it that the devices are placed close.

Too much distance can make it hard for them to transmit signals properly. Thus, if you do not take care of this thing, then you will invite more Linksys smart WiFi login issues.

4.      Connect the Device to Internet

Despite reading the first three solutions, are you still losing your mind due to the Linksys router admin login password not working issue? Well, we know why. Your client device is not connected to the internet provided by the router. In other words, it is not connected to the Linksys router. Thus, connect them without thinking much. You can use either a wired source for this or a wireless source.

5.      Reboot the Linksys WiFi Router

This is the last solution that can be used to resolve the Linksys default password not in the mood to work issue. To fix it, it is recommended that you give your router a new start. For this, you ought to power down the device, count from one to twenty, and then, power up the networking device. This can be done if you use the button named power located on your Linksys router. Soon the light will become green.

In case the LED does not change color, then take our advice and power cycle or reboot your Linksys wireless router again for proper results.

To Conclude

Are you done reading all the tips mentioned above but still cannot fix the Linksys router admin login password not working issue? Well, in this scenario, you need to reset the password. For your information, there is no actual way to restore the password. However, an attempt for the same can be made if you reset your networking device.

  • To reset your router, find the location of the button by the same name on it.
  • The minute you find it, press it with an oil pin.
  • Do not even think about using a pen for this.
  • Hum your favorite song for a minute or two.
  • Soon your device will reboot itself.

As soon as you have restored your device, you need to set it up using the manual method. For the procedure, read the steps given in the manual.