Things you must know about your custom smile makeover programme

It is never too late to achieve the smile of your dream!

Every smile that we around us is uniquely appealing and beautiful. There is hardly anything that you can term as an ugly smile. But damaged teeth pose a roadblock in revealing your desired smile. Remember, an attractive and beautiful smile also reflects your self confidence and your sound oral health. Modern dentistry has evolved a lot in the recent times. It is possible to combine various cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. It helps people achieve their dream smiles.

If you are not satisfied with the way your smile appears there are a number of options to improve it.

In-chair teeth whitening can well be your first decisive step toward smile makeover

Apparently teeth whitening may not seem to be very appealing. But actually it is a reliable procedure to start your smile makeover programme. Also known as professional teeth-whitening it delivers striking results. You do not have to scarifies your comfort or suffer from tooth sensitivity to undergo this procedure. Most importantly teeth whitening procedure gives your smile a youthful appearance and a bright healthy glow to the teeth.  

But if you plan to get more dental work done then why do you bother about whitening the teeth? The question is quite logical. Trained and qualified experts who deal in dental makeover near me in London have the perfect answer. According to them it is not possible to whiten any well-known smile solution including porcelain as well as composite materials that are used for dental crowns, veneers and anything else. So first you should whiten your entire smile to your desired shade. Then your dentist can match your prosthetics and restorations to exactly match that shade. This way you can achieve exactly your dream smile at the end of the makeover programme.

Your smile becomes complete when missing teeth are replaced and the gaps are filled

Do you have any missing tooth or teeth? If the answer is yes then you should know that your missing teeth are the most obvious roadblock you face regarding your smile. When the front teeth are missing your smile makes that more prominent. On the other hand when tooth or teeth at the back are missing then that makes your smile look smaller and dark. There is more about missing teeth. Lost or missing teeth take a toll on your oral health in course of time. Moreover that can pose problem in eating your favourite foods and dishes.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to those missing teeth, then dental implants are your option. Alternatively you can also go for dentures that are supported by implants. A dental implant resembles the structure of your natural tooth in a more accurate and convincing way. In fact no other prosthetic teeth can resemble so close to the natural teeth as dental implants. A dental implant retains sound health of your jawbone over the years. However traditional dentures and dental bridges both are much in demand among patients apart from implants. Traditional dentures are available in two distinct varieties – namely complete and partial. Both bridges and dentures prove to be excellent options for people who do not qualify for dental implants.

Highly trained and qualified dentists working at the Sw19 Confidental Dental Clinic in London have something relevant to add to the ongoing context. According to them teeth alignment procedures often leave larger than normal gapping between the adjacent teeth. This is more relevant to the teeth in the front. A prosthetic tooth is not any solution to this problem. Rather a slightly oversized dental crown is more effective to hide those gaps. To close moderate gaps between the teeth another reliable option is dental bonding.

Covering the teeth with dental veneers helps balancing your smile

If you desire to revamp your smile completely then porcelain veneers may prove helpful. As such porcelain veneers are one of the most reliable smile makeover solutions when patients want to revamp their smile completely. Porcelain veneers can comfortably cover situations where your smile looks worn or there are lots of wear and tear to your teeth. While applying porcelain veneers your dentist does not need to attend to your every tooth separately.

Moreover porcelain veneers solution proves to be more versatile than you may imagine. Dentists can easily place these veneers over a couple of the teeth. Alternatively they can transform the total visible arches both on the top and the bottom in your mouth.  Porcelain veneers can also be a reliable alternative to dental crowns on a couple of adjacent teeth.

Dentists rely on these veneers and include the veneers in more in-depth treatment plans that involve dental implants or bridges. Thus porcelain veneers also cater to the problem of missing or lost teeth. If you have crooked teeth in that case porcelain veneers can also play an alternative option to your orthodontic care. Unlike orthodontic braces or Invisalign porcelain veneers will not change the position of your teeth. But certainly it will make the teeth appear straighter.

Restorative care repairs damages as well as boosts your comprehensive dental health

Restorative care is your best option in case if you are satisfied with your overall smile but do not like the way an individual tooth or teeth appear. Busy dentists who provide smile makeover near me explain restorative dentistry includes tooth coloured dental fillings as well as inlays and onlays to name a few. Certain restorative procedures can improve the overall function of your tooth, as well as boost its health and make it cosmetically appealing at the same time. This is the reason why there is always little overlap between restorative and cosmetic branches of modern dentistry especially in custom smile makeover programmes. 

Dental crowns are a tried and tested option to improve the overall appearance of a badly damaged tooth. Crowns also save your natural tooth. A crown helps retaining a damaged or diseased tooth for years together without having to extract it. As such a dental crown reinforces a damaged tooth to extend its life longer.

Aesthetically more appealing porcelain and composite options easily blend with the natural teeth. Old amalgam and silver fillings can be easily replaced with these porcelain and composite options. The same is true for inlays and onlays too. The replacement options combined with professional teeth whitening can enhance your overall smile. Results are available almost instantly. Dentists dealing in  smile makeover London Wimbledon Dentist suggest a great at-home dental care along with routine dental visits are your best option to maintain the results of your treatments longer.