#6 tips from emergency dental care experts for temporary relief from sudden toothache

When you suffer from a nasty emergency toothache, even mundane activities like eating, sleeping and talking can come to a stop. What are the common explanations for a sudden and severe pain in the tooth? According to oral health experts an infected, abscessed or cracked tooth is the most common cause that leads to sudden ache in the tooth. Apart from the three mentioned above there are other causes too. These include a blow, injury or trauma to the face, grinding of teeth at night while sleeping, gum disease, impacted tooth (particularly wisdom tooth), tooth sensitivity and others. Even a sinus infection or congestion may give you a nasty toothache all on a sudden.

Technology in modern dentistry has evolved significantly in the present times. As a result, a dentist can easily treat almost any problem right from its roots that gives you a sudden toothache. So, if you suffer from tooth pain you should book an appointment with your dentist without losing time. Meanwhile you can try out certain home remedies to get temporary relief from pain and discomfort.

Medicines available over the counter at pharmacies for emergency toothache relief

There are OTC or “over the counter” medicines that are meant to provide you with temporary relief from severe pain in the tooth. You get these medicines at your local pharmacy. The products or medicines include the following

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs

The range of medicines includes ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil) and naproxen like Aleve. These medicines fight inflammation and provide some relief from tormenting pain and discomfort. Dentists associated with a prominent emergency dental clinic in London warn that taking ibuprofen over a period of time can damage vital body parts like liver, stomach and the kidneys.

  • Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen does not come under the category of NSAID medicines. Acetaminophen like Tylenol is an option for those who cannot take NSAID medicines. It is a reliable way to secure temporary relief from an aching tooth. You should take this medicine as per the dosage mentioned on the label. Excessive intake of Acetaminophen can damage your liver.

  • Toothache drops, gels and ointments

These days a range of medicated drops, gels and ointments is there in the market to minimise pain in the tooth for the time being. Most of these products include benzocaine. This substance numbs the area for some time when topically applied.

  • Temporary filling

These days you get temporary tooth fillings readily at pharmacies. This is an over the counter product. It includes repair kits for softening the edge of a lost dental crown or a lost filling. It is important to note that these repair kits are only temporary solutions and do not last long. If you suffer from lost filling or loosened dental crown, you must visit your dentist as soon as possible to replace temporary fillings with permanent ones.

Now let us switch to few tried and tested home remedies that provide temporary relief to tormenting pain in the tooth.

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Home remedies for emergency toothache relief

These tried and tested home remedies that have been in use over the ages. Moreover these home remedies have no adverse side effect. However the relief from these remedies is only temporary. For proper treatment you must visit a dentist as early as you can.

  • Oil extracted from clove

Clove oil is a popular remedy to provide temporary relief from toothache. Clove is in use to fight toothache over the ages. A study carried out recently shows clove contains an active ingredient called eugenol says a dentist associated with one of the best emergency dental care clinics in London. It has a numbing sensation to give you relief from pain and discomfort for the time. These days you get clove oil readily over the counter at pharmacies and even at stores that sell health foods. 

How you are going to apply clove oil to your aching tooth? Take a tiny cotton ball and soak it in few drops of clove oil. Now place the cotton directly on the aching tooth. In any case you should expect its effect in 15 to 20 minutes and not before. Alternatively you can mix few drops or clove oil with few drops of olive oil. Then soak a tiny cotton ball into the mixture and place the cotton on the trouble tooth. Clove oil is pretty safe and even children can try out this therapy.

  • Rinsing the mouth with salt water

Mix a tablespoon of normal salt with a cup of hot water. Allow the two to get into a solution. Rinse the mouth well with this solution when it turns lukewarm. Saltwater has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It makes your gums healthy and free from germs. Rinsing the mouth with lukewarm saltwater proves effective healing sores as well as ulcers in the mouth.

  • Rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide

Rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide proves helpful getting temporary relief from emergency tooth pain. But hydrogen peroxide itself is too strong for the soft tissues in the mouth. So you better dilute it by mixing little water suggest trained and skilled experts providing urgent dental care in London. 3 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide is readily available at local pharmacies. Dilute it by adding 2 parts water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Take a mouthful of the solution and swish for about a minute. Then spit it out. You do not have to swallow or consume it for better effect. Then you may rinse the mouth with plain water. It is relevant mentioning that hydrogen peroxide rinse works wonders in gum infections.

  • Raw garlic

Raw garlic possesses antibacterial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The item is known for its medicinal values over the ages. Research says garlic contains a substance called allicin. You can apply raw garlic to your aching tooth directly in many ways. You can use it crushed or chopped. You may even chew it just like any other raw vegetable. On the downside raw garlic gives a bad breath. But that is alright considering the benefit it gives.

  • Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea has numbing effect. Thus the item provides temporary relief in emergency tooth pain. Moreover it has antibacterial property. You can rely on it to fight against harmful bacteria that create cavities in your teeth says a dentist working at Emergency Dentist London Pro.   

Set a cup of water to boil and add a teaspoon full of dried peppermint leaves to it. Strain the leaves and let the solution to cool down a little. When the solution turns lukewarm, you should rinse the mouth well with it to get temporary relief from nasty toothache.